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Global Politics Fellows

Global Politics Fellow

Eliza Bennett

Eliza Bennett is majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on global development, and minoring in international development. She is working with Professor Beesley on a project examining economic interdependence.

Brittni Anderson

Brittni is a political science major doing research with Kirk Hawkins on populism mitigation.

Natalie White

Natalie is a Political Science Major and Business Minor from Provo, Utah. She is studying how political leaders use rhetoric to increase uncertainty and support populism.

Elden Griggs

Elden is working with Professor Beesley on a project about Thailand and democracy.

Dan Harker

Dan is a senior from Orem, Utah majoring in Middle East Studies/Arabic. He is currently studying Islamist political parties with Professor Quinn Mecham.

Jacquelyn Smith

Jacquelyn working with Professor Selway on a project investigating the link between democracy and Buddhism.

Adam Roberts

Adam is junior in Political Science and Economics researching the relationship between Buddhism and human rights with Professor Beesley.

Hailey Hannigan

Hailey is working with Professor Jacoby, researching economic uncertainty and its consequences.